🌏Specific rules for Country shipping

Overview of specific rules

First, read Overview of Specific rules to have overview of how specific rule works.

Set up a specific rule for country

You can set up specific rules of estimation for certain products/collections/vendors. The specific rules will replace the general rules of established Postal code rules for applied items.

Create new rules by clicking on 'New rule' button. You will go to the Set up specific rule screen.

Override logic: Product rule replaces Collection rule of the same country

In Country shipping, when both a country-specific collection rule and a product rule exist (and the product belongs to that collection), the storefront will display the collection's rules for all applicable countries. However, if a specific rule for the product is set for any of these countries, this product-specific rule will override the collection's rule for that particular country on the storefront.


  • Collection X set rule for 3 countries - Vietnam, Laos, Thailand

  • Product Y is in collection X

  • Set specific rule Product Y with Thailand

On storefront of Product Y, there are 3 country rules shown:

  • For Vietnam and Laos, the storefront will display the shipping rules as defined by Collection X.

  • For Thailand, the storefront will display the shipping rule specifically set for Product Y, overriding the collection rule for Thailand.

This logic ensures that the most specific applicable rule is visible for each product, particularly when a product has unique shipping requirements for a specific country that differs from the general collection's rules.

Specific rule with group country

Condition: This function is available when a customer has a general rule that includes at least two countries (group country).

How to set up:

When creating a product/collection rule for specific countries, you can select either the entire group country or each country within the group.

  • For example: Group country X has 3 countries A-B-C. You can choose the entire Group X or select countries A, B, or C individually.

  • Note: If you select individually all 3 countries A, B, and C, the whole group X is selected/ticked.

Notes when making changes to general rule of group country:

  • When you remove a country/-ies from a group, any specific rules associated with that group will also have those countries automatically removed.

  • However, when you add a country/-ies into a group, any specific rules associated with that group will NOT have those countries automatically added. You need to add those new countries into specific rules manually.

In preview & storefront: Countries are listed individually, not as a group country.

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