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Experiement with essential features

Solopreneurs, small businesses with basic needs for estimation

  • Growing businesses with large number of products (100-1000+)

  • Complex sales scenarios

  • International operating markets

💸 PRICING Pay via Shopify, no additional charges, refund allowed

Monthly price

Free forever



Yearly price

Free forever

$50.29/year ($4.19/month) Save 11%

$83.99/year ($6.99/month) Save 22%

Trial period Experiement before paying


3 days

3 days

👁️ ETA VIEW Number of times estimate banner shown on store




📦 SYNCED PRODUCT QUOTA Number of products synced from your store




Fast loading high volume

🌏 GENERAL RULE Delivery estimates applied widely for all products

  • Delivery method based

1 rule

3 rules

Unlimited rules

  • Postal code/Zip code delivery based

1 rule 1 zip code in a rule

3 rules Maximum 3 zip codes per rule

Unlimited rules Unlimited zip codes per rule

  • Country shipping based

1 rule 1 country in a rule

3 rules Maximum 3 countries per rule

Unlimited rules Unlimited countries per rule

  • Region/State within a country based

Maximum 3 regions per country rule

Unlimited regions

🎯 SPECIFIC / OVERRIDDEN RULE Delivery estimates applied for particular products, collections, vendors

1 rule Maximum targets per rule 1 product 1 collection 1 vendor

2 rules Maximum targets per rule 3 products 3 collections 3 vendors

Unlimited rules Unlimited targeted products collections, vendors per rule


Auto-detect country, regions, postal codes Detect location of store visitors and display delivery estimates accordingly

Standard accuracy

Premium accuracy

Postal code validity Prevent customers in area with invalid code from placing orders

Import CSV postal code Create rules quickly for areas with 100-1000+ postal code

Show/Hide delivery estimate for Sold-out items


Product page Most functional and effective

Featured products on Home

Collection page May vary by themes

Cart Page/Drawer/Popup

Checkout page

Thank you page

Order status page

Email confirmation May require customization

🎨 APPEARANCE Customize the look and feel of delivery estimate banner on storefront

Timeline graphic Visualize stages from order received, processing to delivery

Visual editor Edit background, border, icon, and more

Date appearance Date format, Date language, Relative date (today, tomorrow)

Countdown Timer format, Time calculation method


Working day

Cut-off time


Blackout date


Chat support 100% human, no AI used

Low priority 24/7

Standard priority 24/7

Highest priority 24/7

Professional customization and consultancy

  • Customize for complex sales scenarios with experienced Software Engineers

  • Consult with Product Manager and Expert team in E-commerce

Limited resource

Limited resource

Highest priority time and human resource

Feature request


Low priority in reviewing and backlog

Highest priority in reviewing and backlog

Additional services available

Dynamic date in Cart page

  • Eligibility: Pro Plan (No additional charges).

  • Purpose: Dynamically updating the estimated delivery date in real-time is essential when customers abandon their cart and return after a few days. The date must be most up-to-date to ensure accuracy and customer expectation.

  • Why you need our professional customization: The native app configuration cannot keep the date updated due to variations in store themes, making it challenging to develop an in-app feature. Therefore, specific customization tailored to your store is necessary. Given the significant human resources and time required, we prioritize this service for Pro Plan users.

  • Estimated time: 1-2 working days

Order confirmation email

  • Eligibility: Standard and Pro plan (No additional charges).

  • Purpose: Including the estimated delivery date in the order confirmation email is necessary to provide customers with accurate and timely information about when to expect their orders. This enhances customer satisfaction and reduces inquiries about delivery times.

  • Why you need our professional customization: Each email template has a different layout and structure, so tailored customization is needed to ensure the estimated delivery date is displayed correctly and seamlessly within your specific email design.

  • Estimated time: 0.5 working day

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