Although there are many conditions, many ways how you can display the ETA message, some of the elements are the same and used across all methods.

  • Estimated delivery date (EDD): Also called delivery estimation/estimates (ETA), or simply estimation refers to the calculation of the expected time when an order will reach your customer. This calculation takes into account the day the order is received, the time needed for preparation, and the expected delivery duration.

  • ETA banner: The entire section the app provides which may include the area selecting section, the countdown timer, the estimated text/message, the shipping policy, courier information, and any additional information one may provide.

  • Estimated text: The text part of the banner which provide information regarding the estimated arrival date of the order.

  • General rule: The estimate rule applies for all products by default unless it is overridden by a Specific rule with a product/collection/vendor.

  • Specific rule: The estimate rule which is adjusted from the General rule but only applies to selected products/collections/vendors. This will override the corresponding General rule for applied items.

  • Countdown timer: The countdown to the cut-off time appears alongside the estimated text. This timer only countdown to the cut-off time of that day, after the cut-off time, the countdown will be hidden until 00:00 the next day.

  • Courier: The service in charge of delivering the product from dispatch to the customer's place. Multiple couriers can be involved in the fulfillment of 1 order.

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