Shiprocket is Indiaโ€™s largest eCommerce enablement platform, offering digital retailers a complete customer experience solution. This platform acts as an operating system for direct commerce, providing essential services like shipping, fulfillment, customer communication, and marketing tools. It caters to SMEs, D2C, and social commerce retailers throughout India. With over 25 courier partners, Shiprocket facilitates both domestic and international deliveries, covering more than 24,000 pin codes in India and extending services to 220 countries globally.

Omega Estimated Delivery Date offers a solution for Indian merchants on Shopify to streamline estimate rule based on Postal code. This integration means that you no longer have to manually set up estimate rules for each postal code. Instead, we have a comprehensive list of 29290 pin codes covering almost all areas in India. We then get the estimated minimum and maximum delivery days through Shiprocketโ€™s API to create estimate rules.

To integrate this service, please contact our support agent directly to ensure privacy and a professional setup. To begin, you will need to create a new API User in Shiprocket by following these steps:

Step 1: Log in to your Shiprocket account and navigate to the Settings menu.

Step 2: Locate the API section and click on 'Configure'.

Step 3: On the API User Details page, click on 'Create an API User'.

This account will be used by the Omega Estimated Delivery Date team for integration. Enter an Email ID that is different from the one registered with your Shiprocket account. Set up a password, confirm it, and make sure not to include sensitive or confidential information in your password to maintain privacy.

After filling in the details, click 'Generate API Credential' to create the account.

Step 4: Ensure the new API User account is active by turning on the 'Active' status.

Step 5: You need to send the Email ID and Password of the API User you've created to our support agent, along with the information and any specific requirements:

  • Zipcodes of warehouses where products are shipped from.

  • Whether you want to show on the ETA widget with minimum delivery date, maximum delivery date, or both dates.

  • We have a file of 29290 zip codes exported from Shiprocket that covers almost all areas in India. If you find this file is complete, we can proceed with the integration.

Stay connected via chat or email during the integration process to clarify any requirements and receive timely support.

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