🚚Specific rules for Delivery method

Overview of specific rules

First, read Overview of Specific rules to have overview of how specific rule works.

Set up a specific rule for delivery method

You can set up specific rules of estimation for certain products/collections/vendors. The specific rules will replace the general rules of established Delivery methods for applied items.

Create new rules by clicking on 'New rule' button. You will go to the Set up specific rule screen.

Override logic: Product rule replaces Collection rule of the same delivery method

If both a collection rule and a product rule are set for the same delivery method, and the product in question belongs to that collection, then only the product rule will appear on the ETA banner.

For example:

  • General Setting: Standard shipping is established as a general rule for all products.

  • Collection and Product Setup:

    • The "White Coffee Table" product is part of the "Living Room" collection.

    • A specific rule for Standard shipping is set for the "Living Room" collection.

    • A specific rule for Standard shipping is also set for the "White Coffee Table" product.

Outcome: The specific rule for the "White Coffee Table" will override the specific rule set for the "Living Room" collection. This means that on the storefront, only the shipping rule specifically set for the "White Coffee Table" will be displayed, ensuring that the most relevant shipping information is visible to customers.

Only show app for enabled rules

Normally, the app shows all delivery methods for every product. However, items that have specific rules will show their delivery estimates differently, based on those rules.

If you turn on the "Only show app for enabled rules" option, the ETA banner will not appear for any items, except those with specific rules.

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