🌏Country shipping rules

You have the flexibility to create delivery estimations in several ways: for a single country, for multiple countries simultaneously, and for specific regions within a chosen country. Additionally, you can establish special rules for products and collections linked to a specific country or to any country within groups you've previously defined.

Setup general country rule

  1. Going to Estimate rules > select Country shipping.

  1. To begin adding estimated delivery date to countries, click New country button to create a rule.

  1. You will go to the Edit country screen. There is a preview to help you visualize what the banner should look like on your store.

Select country/-ies: The country the rule applies to. You can set up a country, multiple countries, and large geographic regions (eg. North America, EU, SEA, etc.) at once.

Note: If there is already a region rule, you cannot create another rule for countries within that region. (Eg. Have a rule for North America -> Cannot create another rule for US, Canada...), and vice versa.

  1. Choose order in drop list: The order which the countries will appear on your country list. Order start from 0 (default) and those with the same order will be arrange based on which country whose rule was created first in your app.

  1. Estimated date setup & Message text: Refer to Estimated time setup.

Storefront display

In the store, the countries are shown individually in the dropdown list even if they were previously created in a group.

Additional settings

Applied items

The rule only appears on the store for applied items (products, collections, and vendors). By default, the rule applies to All items. You can also configure the rule to show for:

  • Only selected items: Choose specific products, collections, and vendors, with the option to exclude certain products from these collections and vendors.

  • All items but exclude: Exclude specific products, collections, and vendors, while including certain products from the excluded collections and vendors.

These functionalities provide granular control over which items display delivery estimates.

If no products are listed or your search has no results, click "Sync from Shopify" to synchronize products. Wait 1-2 minutes, then reload the tab.

You can also quickly view items the rule applies to by clicking on Product icon in table rule management. Products are listed according to the orders they are added to the rule.

Show on cart/checkout page

Turn on this section if you want the rule to display on the cart/checkout page for items affected by the rule. You can choose to use "Message Text" or "Customize Text."

  • Message text: The text displayed in the cart/checkout is taken from the first date variable onward. Any text before the first date variable is not included.

  • Customize text: You can customize text shown on Cart/Checkout page.

Specific rules for regions

This section allows you to set up rule to apply only to certain regions (also refer to provinces, states, or sub-regions) within the selected country.

Region rules are only enabled if you select only 1 country in the general rule above.

Auto-detect country

Enabling this feature will automatically identify the country of your site visitors.

If country is auto-detected, only the country as per visitor's location is shown even if it was previously created in a group.

Specific rules for product/collection/vendor

Refer to Set up Specific rules for details.

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