🚚Delivery method rules

Delivery methods basically refer to the types of delivery services or couriers. You can set up 3 different aspects:

  • Delivery method: It is also known as general rules that apply to all products/collections/vendors if there are no specific rules.

  • Specific rules for product/collection/vendor: You can customize specific rules for certain products/collections/vendors based on established general rules. These rules will replace the general rules for applied items.

  • Shipping policy information: Additional shipping policy details.

Setup general delivery method rule

  1. Going to Estimate rules > select Delivery methods.

  1. Set up your methods by clicking on New method.

  1. You will go to the Edit Delivery Method screen. There is a preview to help you visualize what the banner should look like on your store.

Fill the name of method which can be the name of the service/courier which will be displayed on your website.

  1. Set up Estimated date setup & Message text: Refer to Estimated time setup.

Additional settings

Applied items

The rule only appears on the store for applied items (products, collections, and vendors). By default, the rule applies to All items. You can also configure the rule to show for:

  • Only selected items: Choose specific products, collections, and vendors, with the option to exclude certain products from these collections and vendors.

  • All items but exclude: Exclude specific products, collections, and vendors, while including certain products from the excluded collections and vendors.

These functionalities provide granular control over which items display delivery estimates.

If no products are listed or your search has no results, click "Sync from Shopify" to synchronize products. Wait 1-2 minutes, then reload the tab.

You can also quickly view items the rule applies to by clicking on Product icon in table rule management. Products are listed according to the orders they are added to the rule.

Show on cart/checkout page

Turn on this section if you want the rule to display on the cart/checkout page for items affected by the rule. You can choose to use "Message Text" or "Customize Text."

  • Message text: The text displayed in the cart/checkout is taken from the first date variable onward. Any text before the first date variable is not included.

  • Customize text: You can customize text shown on Cart/Checkout page.

Show rule for sold-out items

When turning this on, the delivery estimates still show when products are sold out or need pre-order.

Shipping policy information

You can add shipping policy details on the ETA banner and direct customers to the policy page.

  • "Our policy" text: The text that indicates shipping information or any extra piece of information.

  • Policy page URL: The URL to the store's policy.

Specific rules for product/collection/vendor

Refer to Set up Specific rules for details.

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