🚚Delivery method rules

Delivery methods basically refer to the types of delivery services or couriers. You can set up 3 different aspects:

  • Delivery method: It is also known as general rules that apply to all products/collections/vendors if there are no specific rules.

  • Specific rules for product/collection/vendor: You can customize specific rules for certain products/collections/vendors based on established general rules. These rules will replace the general rules for applied items.

  • Shipping policy information: Additional shipping policy details.

General delivery method rule

  1. Going to Estimate rules > select Delivery methods.

  1. Set up your methods by clicking on New method.

  1. You will go to the Edit Delivery Method screen. There is a preview to help you visualize what the banner should look like on your store.

Fill the name of method which can be the name of the service/courier which will be displayed on your website.

  1. Set up Estimated date setup & Message text: Refer to Estimated time setup.

Show on cart/checkout page

Turn on this section if you want the rule to display on the cart/checkout page for items affected by the rule. You can choose to use "Message Text" or "Customize Text."

  • Message text: The text displayed in the cart/checkout is taken from the first date variable onward. Any text before the first date variable is not included.

  • Customize text: You can customize text shown on Cart/Checkout page.

Shipping policy information

You can add shipping policy details on the ETA banner and direct customers to the policy page.

  • "Our policy" text: The text that indicates shipping information or any extra piece of information.

  • Policy page URL: The URL to the store's policy.

Specific rules for product/collection/vendor

Refer to Set up Specific rules for details.

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