🔢Postal code rules

Auto detect customer's zipcode/country (for zipcode delivery/country shipping only): once turned on, the app will detect's customers' locations and qualify them to the according to the rule you set up. Please bear in mind that if you turn this on, the app and its components including the banner may appear slightly slower, though neglectable.

You can use different delivery date estimating rule for different postal codes or postal code areas. On top of that, you can elect to apply such rules to all products or specific items only.

General area rule

Area list is where you can set up estimate rules for different areas. Consider an 'area' as a collection of postal codes. It doesn't have to be a physical region, but rather a set of postal codes you group together for easier management.

  1. Going to Estimate rules > select Postal code delivery

  1. Set up an area rule by clicking on New area.

  1. You will go to the screen to set up area rules. There is a preview to help you visualize what the banner should look like on your store.

Note that the ETA banner will only be shown, and products will be added to the cart for those with valid postal codes only.

Fill name of the area: This is the label for your area or grouped postal codes. Remember, an area can include numerous postal codes. For instance, a city comprises several districts, each with its own postal code. You can name the area after the city and list the specific postal codes in the list section provided below.

  1. Set up Estimated date setup & Message text: Refer to Estimated time setup.

  1. Fill postal code list

To edit valid postal code text, button, color, etc., go to Appearance > Postal code checker settings.

Show on cart/checkout page

Turn on this section if you want the rule to display on the cart/checkout page for items affected by the rule. You can choose to use "Message Text" or "Customize Text."

  • Message text: The text displayed in the cart/checkout is taken from the first date variable onward. Any text before the first date variable is not included.

  • Customize text: You can customize text shown on Cart/Checkout page.

Auto-detect postal code/country

Enabling this feature will automatically identify the postal code of your site visitors.

Valid postal code required

Once activated, customers will need to input a valid postal code before adding products to their cart. Products cannot be added with invalid postal codes.

Specific rules for product/collection/vendor

Refer to Set up Specific rules for details.

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