🎯Set up Specific rules

You can set up specific rules to customize estimate date and message for particular products, collections, and vendors. These guide will help you have better control over coordination between General and Specific rule, allowing you to tailor estimates for different sales and delivery context.

How do specific rules work along with general rules?

"Items" are used to mention products, collections, and vendors.

Clarify the roles of general rule and specific rule:

  • General rule: Decide whether the rule is shown or hidden for products.

  • Specific rule: Purely override information. Think it as a variant of general rule. A typical use case is having different delivery estimates of the same shipping method for certain items.

For example: You have Express shipping method with delivery estimates 1-2 days for all products by default. However, delivery estimates of Product A is 3-5 days while Product B and Collection C is 7-9 days.

  • General rule: Express shipping 1-2 days

  • Specific rule

    • Rule 1: Express shipping 3-5 days for Product A

    • Rule 2: Express shipping 7-9 days for Product B + Collection C

Key logics

  • You need to set up a General rule first before making a Specific rule.

  • A specific rule will override general rule for only selected items. Eg: You have 3 general rules named as A, B, C applying to all products by default. You set up a specific rule adjusted from general rule A and targets product X. On product X page, there will shows 3 rules: rule A is shown according to specific rule while rule B and C are shown according to general rules.

  • Overriding priority: Higher priority rule overrides lower priority rule. In case there are many rules at various level, the highest one is applied. The order is as follows (highest to lowest):

    • Product-specific rule

    • Collection-specific rule (If a product belongs to many collection and each collection has its own specific rule, then the product is applied according to the latest created collection-specific rule).

    • Vendor-specific rule

    • General rule

  • Overridden information: Specific rule will override corresponding general rule the following values:

    • Estimated date setup

    • Message text

    • Show text on cart/checkout page


Specific rules may not show correctly outside of Product details page due to potential issues in retrieving the correct product_id. If you have specific rules for multiple products, collections, or vendors, you should place the ETA banner on Product page only for the highest effectiveness and accuracy.

Guides to set up Specific rules for each estimate type

While the overall logics are similar, these particular guides will help you understand setup of each estimate type and customize easily.

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