📅Working days, Timezone, Holidays

In Settings > Date and time, you can set up working day, cut-off time, timezone, and blackout date for holidays.

Working day and cut-off time

  • Working day: The ETA date is calculated based on the work day(s) of the week. If you use Delivery methods as Estimate rules, days when the store is closed (disabled day) will not be counted in the preparation time.

  • Cut-off time: The cut-off time is the latest time for orders to be processed on the same day. Any orders placed after this time will be processed the next working day. Remember, the cut-off time must be set in a 24-hour format (hh:mm).


Timezone affects the cut-off time for orders that appear to customers. By default, the app uses the local time setting from your customers' devices. However, you can set a specific timezone and the cut-off time will display accordingly.

Blackout date (holiday)

Blackout date refers to any holiday or day when your business doesn't operate. You can add as many blackout dates as needed. These dates will not be included in the delivery estimation, meaning they will not count toward preparation and estimated delivery times.

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